How to Party without Steroids

Steroids may not be a party drug, but people who like to party may take steroids to build muscle mass. Steroid users may believe that a defined muscular look will improve their appearance, attract more social attention, and make them more popular with their peers. Furthermore, steroid users who like to party are also more likely to abuse alcohol and other drugs. In 2009, Rutgers University’s Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs published findings on performance enhancers and substance abuse among college athletes, which included the following:

  • 70% of athletes who used performance enhancers also smoked marijuana compared to 22% for non-using athletes
  • 33% who used performance enhancers also consumed cocaine compared to 3% for non-users
  • Performance-enhanced athletes also had higher rates of smoking, binge drinking, prescription drug abuse and various school problems

The study also found that such athletes had a general propensity toward “sensation seeking,” a trait that can also motivate excessive partying.

Health Risks of Steroid Abuse

An enhanced physique might have superficial benefits at a party, but steroid use has side effects that are not ideal for such settings, including the following:

  • Swift and unmanageable mood swings toward rage and aggressive acts
  • Increase in blood pressure and the likelihood of sexual dysfunction
  • Mental health issues like delusions, paranoia and depression
  • An overall detachment from the consensus reality

Steroid users commonly take other drugs, and this can further complicate the side effects, especially when mood swings and delusions occur while already drunk or high on other substances. Furthermore, while steroids can build muscle mass, the Student Wellness Center website for the University of Texas at Dallas notes other side effects that can harm the user’s appearance, including the following:

  • Shrunken testicles and female-like breast development in men
  • Deepened voices, menstrual changes and facial hair in women
  • Hair loss on the head, hair growth on the body and severe acne for both sexes

Steroids can wreck havoc on a person’s health, and they can motivate risky behavior in a party setting, which is why partying without steroids is a much safer experience.

Partying without Steroids

There are several options for throwing a party that does not revolve around drugs and alcohol, including the following:

  • Create an overarching theme that is fun and engaging
  • Center the party on an adventure sport or activity
  • Incorporate physical fitness into the party activities
  • Host a competition to mix the best non-alcoholic drink

Sober parties can also center on healthier ways to build muscle, such as a BBQ only featuring lean meats and drinks with essential amino acids.

Steroid Abuse Treatment

Natural steroid production declines or stops during steroid abuse, so quitting the drug abruptly can cause discomfort and risk. To limit these concerns, professional treatment can provide a medically supervised detoxification that potentially tapers use gradually. Rehabilitation can also offer other potential services, including the following:

  • Integrated treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Counseling to identify and address steroid-use triggers
  • Therapies that improve thought patterns related to behavior
  • Holistic options to address pain or discomfort naturally
  • Group therapy to discuss the experience with supportive peers
  • Aftercare counseling and local recovery support groups

Counselors can also help patients consider their motivations for steroid use, such as poor self-image or being the victim of bullying, and provide treatment for these underlying issues.

Substance Abuse Helpline

If you struggle with addiction to steroids or any other substance, our admissions coordinators are ready to help 24 hours a day. We can answer questions, discuss treatment options and even check health insurance policies for rehabilitation coverage. Please call our toll-free helpline now.