Effects of Steroid Abuse on the Immune System

Abusing steroids has many effects on a user, from the risk of steroid addiction and steroid overdose to the effects it has on a user’s career and relationships. Users that abuse steroids also expose themselves to other types of risk, such as the weakening of their immune system. Abusing anabolic steroids either for the high or to build muscle will weaken your immune system, leading to more sickness and the increased chances of serious health problems. There is no way to make up for this effect that steroids can have unless you stop abusing steroids.

Steroid Abuse and Illness

If you become sick more often when you are abusing steroids, there may be a link between your steroid abuse and your physical well-being. The more you abuse steroids, the more compromised your immune system can become. Your immune system is your body’s defense against illness, and when you abuse steroids your body cannot fight illness at full strength. Because your defenses are down, you will become sick more often and it may take you longer to heal. Vitamins and supplements will not help you ward off illnesses that result because of your steroid abuse. If you abuse steroids, the only way you can reverse these effects is to seek treatment and stop abusing steroids.

Treatment for Steroid Abuse

If you are addicted to steroids, you can seek professional addiction treatment that will help you end your abuse, and in turn, strengthen your immune system. Addiction treatment for steroid abuse will include a detox period where all steroids are allowed to exit your body, and this will be followed by intensive therapy and treatment that will give you the tools you need to defeat steroid addiction. After steroid addiction treatment you will be able to avoid steroid relapse by using the techniques you learned during your treatment.

Do You Need Steroid Addiction Treatment?

In order to improve your immune system you must quit steroids for good, and the only way to do that is by seeking professional addiction treatment. Call our toll-free helpline today and find out how steroid addiction treatment will improve your life. Our trained addiction experts are standing by 24 hours a day and can answer any questions you have about steroid addiction or steroid addiction treatment. Pick up the phone now so you can begin your treatment soon.